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A New Chapter

I'm embarking on a new chapter. Committing to full-time private practice after many years of working in agencies. I am excited but nervous about this endeavour. Will I succeed? How will I find clients?

Contrary to popular belief, therapists also have doubt, insecurities, and seek support to help them along in their lives. We are all human, flawed, imperfect and moving through life into constant unknowns. In some way, this is the beauty of life, that there is much we don't know. It is about learning to drop in, let it take you, not push too hard but flow with it.

Any moment in life that leads to an unknown deserves attention. Turning towards the unknowns of this new chapter I created an art piece. Are you at a juncture in your life? I invite you to use art materials to convey what this unknown looks and feels like for you.

My reflection: I noticed my hesitance to proceed after drawing the orange stairs. The waves of blue and green came naturally. I felt my sense of urgency to express, which mirrors my feelings of wanting to see my success before it arrives. The rain, like tears. I used a klennex instead of a paintbrush to apply water to the paint. Why did I set a limitation? What would it be like to loosen the grasp on self-imposed limitations?

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