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Embracing Light & Shadow

We all have a shadow side. It is a part of our subconscious mind, it holds the aspects of ourself that we might be afraid to learn about, and embrace. Imagine looking up at the sky on a beautiful day, there is blue sky on one side and dark storm clouds approaching on the other. It's natural to want to take cover when something like a storm cloud is approaching.

Learning about aspects of the self that are within the shadow side can be scary. However, embracing the lighter parts of yourself: your inner resources, your skills, your positive self-talk can support you on your journey into the darker parts. Once you have everything you need in your backpack (your lighter parts), you can step forward into the shadow feeling prepared.

You might come to learn that your own shadow is not as scary as you thought, that it is nice to bring attention to this part of who you are, and that embracing it actually lessens the load.

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