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Why art therapy for adults or older adults with a dementia related diagnosis?

Art Therapy is a specialized approach to mental health that aids clients in expressing their thoughts and feelings through a creative process.

Some examples of art therapy directives with adults or older adults with dementia include:

  • Legacy books, creating a book using story & image based on reminiscence

  • Self soothing techniques using materials to support the client in regulating anxiety

  • Watercolour painting for experimentation and play

  • Self expression through engagement with art images

Some areas that the client might see improvements:

  • Increase in skill with use of hands, continued muscle activation

  • Self-regulation through use of soothing materials

  • Increased self-esteem from a sense of accomplishment by creating art

How does it work:

  • The first step is to get in touch

  • Art therapy can be offered at my office in Sydney or within your home

  • After consent forms are signed by the client or the POA the sessions can begin

  • Sessions are about one hour long

  • It is recommended that the client be given privacy for the session and that there are limited distractions if the session is taking place in the home

  • The caregiver will occasionally be invited into the session to provide support or be shown tools that can help the client outside of the session

Art therapy can support you in any stage of your dementia journey.

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